First Wedding Fayre of the Year!

WELCOME!!!  To the first ever blog on my new website! Possibly more exciting for me than it is for you… Tomorrow is Valentines day and also the first wedding fayre of the year which im attending! Its at the awesome Portsmouth Guildhall. Im lucky that I get to go the guildhall throughout the year not only to dress weddings but also I dress many events for The News. They host various award ceremonies at The Guildhall. Including yesterday The Business Excellence Awards. over 380 chair cover and 37 centrepieces we set up for this special occassion.  And also some fairy lights along both walls to add that extra special touch. The event was actually filmed and will be streamed on youtube and other wesbites connected with the news. I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet but I think I will have a nosy 🙂 Its always fun to see our items in situ and being used. We dont often get to use our items ourselves! If you happen to come across it plesae do let me know 🙂  I dont set all these events up by myself…. well on the odd occassion I do 🙂 But the big ones usually need more pairs of hands, my amazing husband helps so much! He even goes out in the cold and wet at midnight to “undress” the events. Along with my fabulous Dad! Who Im thinking may be regreting his retirement as I keep ringing him up hehe!  Well I hope this has been a little insight into my life…… more to come 🙂  Thanks for reading, * MEL *  p.s – heres a pic of the awards 😉